Best Party Magician Performances for all Events

Magicians sprinkle our lives with magic and tricks. They can make an object float, cut a person in half, and even make you disappear. They will always have a trick up their sleeves, you just name it. Let’s break down the things you need to know to find the best magician for hire in Singapore.

What Exactly is a Magician?

There are two types of magicians, the one that does real magic and the one that uses tricks and illusions to make it look real. The word came from the old French word “magicien” which means a sorcerer or magician. It is also rooted in the Greek word “magikos” which means magical. This explains why whenever a magician is performing, the place or the stage always looks magical. Magicians bring happiness to us even just for a short amount of time and at the end of every performance, we always wonder how they do it.

The simple word magic makes adults and children excited. A magician’s job is to give their audience illusions and tricks that leave us gawking. Our mind-blowing tricks can confuse and amaze you in every turn because that is what we aim to do. We are passionate when it comes to offering a world-class show for our clients. Being a magician is hard and finding the best one is even harder, especially because Singapore is home to many of the most talented magicians.

The Perfect Magician for Your Event

Is there a specific magician for hire in Singapore that you are looking for? If you are hosting a children’s party, should you hire an illusionist for the occasion? If you want to hire a magician, you should always know the type of magician that is the perfect fit. For example, if you are planning a kid’s party, you should hire a kid’s magician because they specialize in colorful and funny tricks that children will absolutely adore. You need to know the audience before you can find the best magician for hire in Singapore.

How Will You Find the Perfect Magician?

There are various ways to find the perfect magician for hire in Singapore. You have the world-wide web if you are too busy or too lazy to get out of your house and find one. The internet offers you the list of the most requested magicians that you will find. Sometimes, they can be expensive but they do have great deals to help your budget cope. Another way to find what you are looking for is through word of mouth. There is no better way than getting opinions from others. Some of your friends or neighbors might know a magician or you might see some flyers and posters that advertise a magician for hire in Singapore.

Rookies and Veteran Magicians in Singapore

You don’t really have to worry about a magician for hire in Singapore. Singapore is home to many of the finest and the best magicians in the world, including illusionists and mentalists, to name a few. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a newbie or a veteran magician, Singapore has your back. So, you don’t have to over-stress yourself in finding a magician for hire in Singapore.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Finding a young magician for hire in Singapore is not a problem as well. Being a magician doesn’t mean that you should be as old as Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Magic doesn’t have an age limit. The best magician in the world is between adulthood and his teenage years. Age can never stop a person’s dream.

Leaving Your Audience in Awe

Each magician has his or her own special character and ability. Aside from awesome tricks, each magician offers you additional entertainment. Their magical acts can complement the concept of your ideal event. They may also be capable of differentiating their acts, showcasing a special ability for each type of audience.

Let’s take a psychological illusionist or a mentalist as an example. Mentalists are known for using their mind ability for their tricks. You might not want to hire a mentalist for a kid’s party since they mostly focus on more in-depth tricks compared to a magician for kids. If you are looking for a magician for hire in Singapore for an office or wedding party, however, a mentalist is your go-to guy.

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Creating the Best Day for Your Little Ones

If you are looking for a magician for hire in Singapore who can put your kids in a good mood, no worries, because I got your back. We all know that children have a lot of energy, and they seem to never run out of it. They want colorful things and activities that will put them in a good mood. You might want to get a magician for kids because they can surely keep up with that over-flowing energy.

Perk Up Your Simple Events

Are you going to host a dinner party yet you don’t know who is the perfect magician for hire in Singapore? I have just the thing for you. Since simple events such as a dinner or a dance party don’t really have a thousand guests, you can hire a close-up magician or a street magician. They are known for using simple objects such as wallets, rope, coins, belts, and more. Close-up magicians never repeat a magic trick in front of the same audience, so they literally have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

Boggling Your Mind with Mind Tricks

If you want a mind-blowing magician for hire in Singapore, a mentalist would be the best choice. Mentalists make you believe that you are the one who did the trick. However, they also make you do or say things that they want you to say. In other words, they can literally control you. That is the power of their mind and the power of psychology.

Big Events, Big Tricks

Big events such as corporate events have an enormous audience. Bigger audience means bigger props and bigger illusions. Stage illusionists are the best magicians to put your audience in awe. They use special props, some special effects, choreography and stunning professional assistants to help them with the tricks. Stage illusionists are also known for mega and death-defying tricks that give us an adrenaline rush and a spine-tingling experience.

The most talented magicians are in Singapore. There is no problem when it comes to looking for one. It does not matter whether it is big event or a small get-together. Singapore offers you the best among the rest.

Magician in Singapore: Different Types and How to Find a Good One

A magician in Singapore is in high demand and has been since the 1960s. The clamor for high-quality acts is a given in the country, which is one of the most modern and busiest in the world. As such, magicians are tapped to perform during birthday parties and office events. So how does one find a good magician in Singapore?

History of Magic in Singapore

It’s generally accepted that the rise of modern magic in Singapore started after World War II. Two notable names that ushered in this era of magic are The Great Wong and Tan Hock Chuan. The former was known for his Linking Rings act and Sword Basket magic while the latter was a school teacher who also performed magic during special events. Both were globally recognized for their magical inventions and props.

The 1960s ushered the Golden Age, with the magicians in Singapore performing in packed nightclubs side by side with foreign acts. This was also the time when magic shops started to open in the city, but it took another decade before these businesses boomed.

Today, magic acts continue to flourish in Singapore. Some might argue that Singaporean magicians have even raised their acts into works of art. This new breed of performers is even given their own TV shows while more magic shops and related businesses open to meet the demand for magic.

Why Hire a Magician?

One of the most in-demand entertainment options in Singapore is magicians. There are numerous reasons why parents, business owners, and event planners want to hire a magician in Singapore. Here are some of them:

1. They create unforgettable memories.

Most organizers want their event to be memorable. While being serenaded, or treated to a rousing dance number is fun, it’s also very common. However, a good magic show is something that will undoubtedly get guests talking.

2. They can easily adjust their act.

Entertainers like DJs, a dance group, or musicians, need certain equipment or have to be stationed at a particular area in the venue. On the other hand, magicians are free to roam around the room to perform their tricks. Most don’t even need a stage, a sound system. or special lighting. More importantly, the magician can adapt the show to the event and the host’s needs. For instance, a magic act can run anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. A magician can even start or stop an act when the situation calls for it.

3. There’s greater interaction with the audience.

No other entertainer can interact with an audience quite like a magician. Since most magic acts require audience participation, magicians often encourage guests to become part of the act. Not only does this capture the crowd’s interest, but it’s also a great ice breaker and can encourage guests to mingle with others.

4. Interest in magic and magicians is universal.

Despite all the advancements made in science and technology, people are still fascinated by magic and the seemingly impossible acts that magicians do.

5. Hosts have peace of mind.

One of the best reasons for hiring a magician is the peace of mind that hosts and event organizers receive. Magicians often capture the audience’s attention, which in turn allows the host to focus on other important details of the event.

Different Types of Magician

One thing that a host or event organizer has to consider before hiring a magician in Singapore is the type of magician that’s needed.

Close-up magician.

This is a magician who performs live to an audience who are just inches away. They usually walk around and mingle with guests and entertain them before moving to another table or group. Tricks often include making cards vanish, bending coins, or changing money to a higher denomination. This type of magician is perfect for intimate dinner parties, kids’ birthday party or small office events.


These magicians often perform on big stages and in major venues. Some examples of an illusionist’s tricks would be making an attractive assistant disappear from inside a box, conjuring a helicopter on stage, or sawing someone in half. David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy are two examples of famous illusionists.

Parlor or cabaret magician.

A cabaret or parlor magician often straddles the line between a close-up magician and a stage magician. The cabaret magician has a bigger audience than a close-up magician but unlike the stage magician, performs in a smaller or more intimate venue. This magician might perform behind a table or on a small platform facing the whole audience, making the act ideal for a large office dinner party.

Stage magician.

As the name suggests, this magician performs on stage to a larger audience. This magical act often requires the use of large props, custom-made backdrops, lighting, music, stage directors, and assistants. Since the production value is higher, a stage magician is oftentimes more expensive.

Street magician.

Most people would automatically think of David Blaine or Cyril when they hear street magician, and they’re not wrong. Like Blaine or Cyril, a street magician performs magic to random strangers on the street or in an informal environment. This type of magician would be perfect for a poolside party or a school fair.

Best Magicians in Singapore

The best magicians will tailor their act to fit the venue and the occasion. They will also dress up and act according to the event. Luckily for Singaporeans and those in the country, there’s a multitude of magicians to choose from. Talk to us to find out more about our magicians and their specializations.

Kids’ Magic Party: Ideas for Planning the Best Birthday Party

A kids’ magic-themed birthday party is something that every child dreams of. Magic is universal and everyone, regardless of age, is awed by it. However, hosting any party requires some serious planning. Luckily, planning a children’s party is also fun and seeing the look of joy in the child’s face is priceless. So here are some ideas for planning the best magic-themed children’s party.

Why is a Kids’ Magic Party the Best?

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a child’s wide-eyed wonder at a magic trick. This is probably one of the reasons why parents love to give their children a magic-themed birthday party. Plus, everyone loves magic. It has an appeal that transcends gender and age.

Another reason for having a magic-themed party is that it encourages children to think outside the box and be creative. It fires up their curiosity, as most would probably try to find an explanation for the magic tricks they see. And unlikely as it sounds, some even become interested in the science of pulling off a simple magic trick.

On a more practical note, a kids’ magic party is more memorable than the usual birthday song and ice cream bash. It might entail more work but it’s certainly fun to do. A magician doing a few tricks is also a great way to get children to mingle while giving their parents a chance to relax and enjoy the day, too.

How to Plan a Magic-Themed Birthday Party for Kids

You might think that a magic party for kids is difficult to do. But it’s the same as planning any birthday party. Here are the steps to help you prepare for your child’s big day:

1. Finalize the details. Since you have already picked a theme, the next thing on the agenda is to answer key questions like the venue, the day and time of the party, and who to invite. Once you have determined that, it’s time to go to the next step.

2. Create a schedule for the party. According to Martha Stewart, start your planning six weeks in advance to give yourself time to organize, invite people, and prepare and buy what you need. It’s also a good idea to make a weekly to-do list for your kids’ magic party to keep yourself on track.

3. Get the invitations. You can either buy the party invitations or make them yourself. Tailor the invitation to the theme. For example, the invitation can be in the shape of a rabbit coming out of a top hat. One mother on Instagram designed her daughter’s birthday party invitation to look like a poster for a magic show. Aside from the name of the guest, put the date and the time the party will start and end. Include details like what the child should bring (e.g. swimsuit or a costume) and whether you’ll be serving snacks or a full meal.

4. Start buying decorations. A store specializing in parties is the best place to look for some magic-themed decorations. You can also do your own decor if you want. As a matter of fact, making your own decorations and getting your child to help is a great family bonding experience.

Aside from decorations, you should also look for the utensils that you’ll be using. Try to look for plates, cups and cutlery that follow the theme. If not, get ones that match the party’s color scheme. And since it’s a children’s party, the eating utensils should be non-breakable.

5. Plan some games or activities. The key to a successful birthday party is the activities planned for the children. Start thinking of what games the kids can play. It’s a good idea to prepare a lot of games, especially if the guests are very young. Children three to five years old tend to have very short attention spans, so the more games you come up with, the better.

You can also hire a magician, face painter or a balloon artist to perform a kids’ magic show. Check online or in the phone book for the best home party entertainers.

6. Start planning the menu. A children’s party often calls for simpler fare. Most children will be very happy with pizza, french fries or burgers. Finger sandwiches, fruits, and cookies are more than welcome too. Be creative with the food and the presentation ,but don’t forget to provide something more substantial for the parents who will be at the party as well.

However, one thing that you mustn’t forget is the birthday cake. You can have your baker come up with a cake that follows the theme, or just buy an ordinary cake and decorate it with some kids magic-themed toppers.

7. Set up a way for saying goodbye. This is often overlooked, but as the host, you should also plan for how to get your young guests home safely. It’s a good idea to have children say goodbye to everyone and vice versa, help them gather their things, and check them off the invitation list. Give your contact number to the other parents in case they’ll be late in picking up their child. Never let a young guest leave alone or with someone you have not met.

Should You Hire a Magician?

A magician would be a great entertainment option for a kids’ magic party. It is an additional expense but well worth the price. Here are the reasons why:

1. It will make your child’s birthday party even more memorable. Children will attend a lot of birthday parties, but one where there are magic tricks will stick in their minds for a long time. More importantly, it will make your child feel extra special to have such a unique party.

2. It will help guests connect with each other. Most magicians ask their guests to help them with their tricks. It’s a great way to capture the audience’s attention and get them to connect with each other. Seasoned party performers can even help shy guests meet new people and make friends.

3. They easily adapt to the location and situation. Most party magicians don’t need a lot of equipment when performing in a kids’ magic show. They usually just need a table when entertaining children. This makes them perfect entertainers for parties at home or in small venues.

They easily adjust to the program too in case there are any last-minute changes (e.g. cake being served at the end of the show instead of at the start). Most magic acts for kids can also be tailored to fit the schedule and can run anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours.

4. They give parents/ hosts extra time and peace of mind. Any parent knows how difficult it is to keep kids entertained. The challenge becomes larger when there are more children involved. Having a performer that children will be paying attention to for hours can give hosts time to focus on other parts of the party. With the children focused on the magician’s tricks, adults can relax and have fun too.

How to Look for the Perfect Magician for Kids?

It’s important to find the right magician who’ll perform at your kids’ magic-themed party. Some parents feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right performer. After all, a child’s birthday party is a significant event.

Your search for the right children’s magician will go easier if you do your research first. Aside from looking for a good magic performer online, you can also check Facebook, and party or parenting websites for ideas and recommendations. It’s also a good idea to ask fellow parents for referrals and an estimate on how much such entertainment will cost.

Once you have picked a magician, talk to him or her. You can talk over the phone or online and conduct a brief interview. This will give you a glimpse into the performer’s personality and professionalism.

More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You need to be clear with what you want so you’ll get your money’s worth. Clarify terms or conditions if you’re uncertain about something. A good magician understands how important the birthday party is and will be willing to discuss things with you.

What Questions to Ask When Hiring a Magician

It’s important that you ask and receive clear answers to these questions before booking a magician.

1. How many magic shows has the magician done? You want to check what experience the performer has, especially in performing for children. Parents should look for a magician who’s not only experienced, but also fun and passionate about the job. A seasoned party performer can also give you invaluable advice as to how the program should go or how long the party should last.

2. Do you specialize in children’s parties? It’s a good idea to book someone who specializes in kids’ magic parties over one who boasts of performing for various events. Despite what people think, entertaining children with magic tricks is different from performing in a corporate setting. Kids are not known for their patience or tact, and a magic show for toddlers is not the same as one for pre-teens. Look for a magician who can adjust and do age-appropriate kids magic sets.

3. How much do you charge? There’s no set fee for magicians. But as a general rule, the more renowned, experienced, and skillful ones charge higher. There’s a reason why children’s magicians command a higher fee. If you opt to book someone cheap, be prepared to get what you paid for.

4. What’s included in the fee? Clarify what’s included in the magician’s fee. Does it include props and transportation? Make sure you know what you’re paying for so there won’t be any unwelcome surprises on the big day.

5. When will the magician arrive? This is one of the most important questions to ask. Knowing what time the entertainer will arrive will give the parents or host peace of mind. Professional kids’ magicians usually arrive 15-20 minutes before the show. Some even stay a few minutes behind to answer questions from the children.

Birthday parties are an important rite of passage in children’s lives. A magic-themed party is not only unique, it will also create lasting, happy memories. Add to the fun by hiring a good magician to perform a kids’ magic show.

Magicians for Corporate Events and Why Hire Them

Corporate events are not just simple gatherings of people but they are also an opportunity where companies, with their suppliers and clients, get to acquaint with one another away from the workplace. It is a better environment to build relationships and discuss lighter matters that turn into bigger projects. Sometimes, the best time do a little brainstorming is when you are in your relaxed mode; just like when you are attending corporate events or parties. Seeking the help of third parties to create a wonderful event would be the best option. It will be more effective if there is only one person or one team focusing on the event planning.

For media manager Amy Capron, the kind of entertainment you choose for an
affair can either make or break the atmosphere of the event. You will have to consider your audience, venue size, and cost. Hiring magicians for corporate events is more than just entertaining your guests; it shows that the corporate magician has made an effort to hype up the audience. Audience participation creates a friendlier environment and helps build a more engaging and friendly atmosphere among all of the guests, especially for those who would be meeting one another for the first time.

The most basic foundation of the magic tricks lies on the ability of the magician to make the audience so engaged in his or her act that they would follow the magician’s commands to look where he or she would want them to. This is a subtle way of getting your brand messages to your audience, which happens to be your employees, suppliers, partners, and clients. It is like a visual and psychological technique where you get to relay a message through your magician’s talents and skills in a fun and exciting way. Magicians for corporate events do not just create magic for nothing. They analyze a company’s marketing goals which help them create several magic routines and effects that will best broadcast the message of your company’s brand. Routines like those used in magic tricks come from memory retention and attention-grabbing techniques which are also used by memory champions and top advertising firms.

Magic tricks are plain entertaining more than anything. They come in many forms and the most popular ones are the street magic acts which require engagement with the magician’s audience most of the time. Participation in the trick makes it more exciting. Sleight-of-hand illusions become more astonishing to the audience and would really keep them interested as the magician goes on with his performance.

Getting a magician can possibly make your event remarkable and very memorable. Having a remarkable event pays off when it gets to be talked about by the people who attended it. Photos and videos of the affair will be posted on social media sites. Viral posts will help boost popularity of the event and the company itself.

There are just so many reasons why hiring magicians would be a great idea for your corporate events. Setting up an event might be quite an exhausting task but having a number of reliable suppliers to choose from like party needs and hosting services will help ease the planning since someone else will have to do it for you at very reasonable prices. Getting a magician for corporate events is more than mere entertainment for the audience; it will also help create a bonding time where people participating in some close-up tricks will get to enjoy and have fun together. A corporate event is also not just a simple affair or some party, but it is a prestigious one where the company’s big bosses would be attending including all of the other colleagues, clients, and even suppliers. In this kind of event setup, you may think of an entertainment that can be appreciated by a wide variety of your audience.

A magician for corporate events is a professional for hire who perform tricks like magical illusions for big events such as product launches, seminars, business conferences, and the like. Magic tricks to entertain the more matured audience can help lighten up serious talks or moments during the whole event. All that they have to think about is to enjoy what they are watching and relax for a few minutes with the performance after some heavy discussions.

Also bear in mind that experience indeed matters most in all fields of expertise. All kinds of magic have been a source of entertainment for many crowds for centuries. By this time, people have greater expectations for the difficulty of acts made by the magician himself. Doing a magic show for the event will get everyone’s attention and they will definitely look forward to more tricks during the whole time the event is running. That is why it is also a good idea to spread out the time for the magician’s performances to keep them interested, especially when topics are too heavy and dragging.

2 Main Kinds of Corporate Magicians

There are two main types of magicians for corporate events that perform on these occasions. These are the stage-magicians who do magic tricks up on the stage and the close-up magicians who would usually visit small groups of individuals to perform their tricks with them. You may hire either of the two depending on the number of people who are attending the event. For big corporate events, make sure to get a magician who has enough experience in various shows or business affairs. Hiring one for a good price is better than getting magician cheap one and ruin the event. It is also advisable to ask the prospect to do a few demonstrations of the tricks that he can do before deciding to get him or her. You may also inquire about the terms and conditions of payment for the event. Other magicians have available demo tapes or brochures that you could check before asking them to come over for an actual demonstration. Others also have available websites where you could view their package rates and sample demonstrations online.

Soaring Demands for Magicians for Corporate Events

Magicians are not just for kids’ birthday parties but also for adults. The demands for magicians for corporate events has gone up through the years. Companies have benefited so much from it in terms of marketing efforts to build internal and external relationships with partners, suppliers, and clients. Popularity has gone strong for magic shows and magicians themselves when they were shown on television and when they “reveal” the tricks behind their illusions and other sleight-of-hand acts.

Magicians will always hold the kind of power to give us that feeling of being amazed. They do what seems to be impossible for a human being and keep us intrigued and wondering for quite a few days. It will always be a dazzling feeling to see and experience a magic trick yourself, especially a close-up one. Magicians for corporate events have that special ability to analyze an audience and the technique of incorporating memory retention methods or the marketing materials all throughout their magic show.

Magic and Magicians Through the Years

Magical beliefs have long been there since the beginning of civilization. Recovery of magical papyri shows content of ceremonial magic. Some had written forms of chants that are believed to have been used to command spirits and gods. Symbolic figures have also been used.

It was in 2700 B.C. that the first known conjuring effect magic performance by Dedi transpired in ancient Egypt. He also started the famous trick of decapitating a bird and then reattaching its head in order to resurrect it.

The famous modern-day Hungarian magician is Harry Houdini, born in 1874 and whose real name is Ehrich Weiss. He became famous in this mysterious field as an escapologist where he would free himself from handcuffs and chains in a few seconds. He began his career when he was only 9 years old. His world-famous escape acts include the “Chinese Water Torture” in 1913.

One of the most popular modern-day magicians, David Copperfield, has topped the industry with an earning of $64 Million as of 2016 and a striking 638 shows in a Forbes scoring period.

From religious rituals, magic performances have become part of our way of entertaining guests for every occasion. Magic is a mystery to begin with. It may be performed in so many ways, be it a hobby or as a chosen profession. It may be a close-up trick or performed onstage. It may include comedy, illusions, and mentalism, and be performed on trade shows, consulting, design, TV show, theater, circus, colleges, cruise ships, magic shops, magic conventions, and many more. Magicians really love to make people smile and laugh from the bottom of their hearts. It is a passion that no one can take away from them. It is a skill they learn and master in their lifetime. It is the kind of entertainment they can share anytime, anyplace, and with anyone. It makes an impact greater than first impressions like bian lian/mask changing performances.

The magicians for corporate events have studied and learned all these tricks though time and by personal experiences. They have also developed such tricks to suit the modern party needs and to also catch up with the technological advancements where more tricks can be done using futuristic props but still performing some traditional magic tricks from the past. Upgrading one’s knowledge will always be helpful in any field of expertise a professional is in.

You might think that magic is simply just a form of entertainment. It has become a part of our lives and the occasions that we celebrate. Magicians for corporate events carry the tradition of performing the simplest and most intricate tricks for a close-up or stage act to entertain a wide variety of audience in the most sincere and passionate way they can. Corporate magicians have long been in the industry for small-time and big-time events. Little do people know that these professionals are hired to think about how they could incorporate a company’s brand message while they perform tricks that titillate the curiosity of a human brain, keeping us interested during the whole occasion.

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