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LED Drumming Performance

All-female LED drums performance by liondancesingapore.co. Our charming ladies clad in LED suits will amaze your clients with synchronised LED drumming performance.

Quality LED Drumming

Being trained by world-class Lion Dance Drummers for this performance, our stunning ladies delivers LED drumming acoustics accompanied with synchronized LED dance moves. Our stunning ladies have performed more than 100 live shows on stage since inception and event planners in Singapore has been recommending their performance to their other clients.

High profile international events and product launches favor this distinct performance particularly for the performance’s ability to capture attention.

We only use high quality, patented LED technology for our performances. Our LED equipment boasts of a up-time of 99.8%, and onsite engineering support is available or faulty LED equipment will be swapped out for serviceable equipment during pre-performance checks for LED drumming performance.

We also provide Balloon Centerpieces to embellish your venue.

What to Expect from LED Drums Performance?

Incorporating static set-pieces, audience interaction and movement between sets, our female models invariably shifts the centre of attention to gradually culminate in a huge climax of light, sound and movement.

Lighting in everything when it comes to running a perfect show, and the lighting technician has the compelling ability to direct attention to wherever he/she wants. Unlike Festive Chinese Drums Performance, the illumination from the LED Drums are suffice to capture attention, sparing you the worry of a badly coordinated light show.

While most organizers think that sound activated lights is the way to go, our experience and feedback from clients proves that it causes eye-fatigue from the blinking lights. Subtle, fixed lighting that stays on minimizes the pain to the eye.