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Vanessa W.

Ambitious, creative, optimistic and dedicated to work. Leader by nature. Does not settle for mediocre. Impeccable sense of responsibility.

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Our Guidelines for Engaging Female Models

★ All dress codes are final and models reserve the right to refuse to change into clothing not specified in agreement.

★ No criminal force is to be applied on our models.

★ Reasonable breaks are required especially in long hour events.

★ Should our models safety be compromised, our models reserve the right to leave immediately.

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How to Find the Right Modelling Agency in Singapore

Using models for promotional purposes is a very effective and popular marketing technique. Whether it is small national brands or multinational companies with big budgets, the underlying logic behind this approach is the same; draw attention to your product and make it appear more appealing by attaching it to a top model or a celebrity. Well-renowned brands such as Gillette, Gucci, Adidas often hire A-list celebrities to promote their products because they fully understand the drawing power that these stars yield. Smaller companies who don’t have the deep pockets can still get good results with this method. A lot of modelling agencies offer their services for competitive rates.

Finding the right agency, however, might prove a little bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the industry. The process involves a lot of moving parts and variables that you need to know about. The initial issue that you can encounter is that some agencies can charge you an extremely high upfront fee. Other dubious practices include charging the client with exorbitant amounts for things like test shots without any reimbursement down the line.

One major thing that you need to keep an eye is whether or not the modelling agency is compliant with Singapore law. We advise you to familiarize yourself with these laws and do a proper due diligence before doing any business with an agency.

Here are some best practices that will help you find the right modelling agency:

• Try to get some feedback or review from previous clients. Nothing beats a firsthand experience from someone who did business with the agency.
Another thing to keep mind is that the quality of the model that you will get is directly correlated with the price you bid for their services. The models in this industry are well aware of their value and will do their best in order to impress at your event.

To make sure that the models you’re hiring are compatible with your company’s image and philosophy, you need to discuss the details and specificities of what you need with the agency. For example, if you’re looking to promote a sports equipment store, the models need to reflect an athletic image and also have a baseline understanding of the niche and to appeal to its customer base.

It is readily apparent that if you want to find the best modelling agency in Singapore, you are going to have to put some work in. there are no shortcuts or easy answers, you just need to conduct a comprehensive market research and establish a clear budget for the project. If you follow the tips outlined above, you will have no problems finding a modelling agency that suits your promotional needs.

Modelling Agency in Singapore for Event Models

Unlike traditional Modelling agencies in Singapore which provides photoshoot and runway models, we specialize in providing hostess and models for Singapore events. Our huge network of beautiful female hostess in Singapore caters to all sorts of events from booth hostess, conventions, usherer, etc.

Check with us for our recommended hostesses for events in Singapore!

What You Need to Know Before You Engage Models

The modelling industry is broken down into several niches, namely Commercial Models, Event Models, Runway Models, Blogshop Models, Photo Models and Alternative Models. This is not an exhaustive list of modelling niches but should cover most of the major modelling niches.

Commercial Models

Mainly seen in movies, video/printed ads or ambassadors of brands, these models are commonly associated with the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Megan Fox, etc. They are the top tier of the modelling industry, most sought after brand ambassadors to big names.

Luckily for these models, there are no specific requirements unlike the Runway Models. These models shot to fame in their respective area of expertise and appear on the covers of magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Event Models

Event model’s primary objective is to facilitate events. Some host booths to convert foot traffic to sales at conventions and some simply take photos with strangers to promote the brands. While the job scope can differ, they appear at events and trade shows. They also have the best social skills for models Singapore has to offer.

Event models are utilized for booths especially, where enhancing the first point of contact with leads is vital for the sales funnel. Rely upon on expertise to maximize the prospects and leave a memorable experience for your prospects with our professional booth hostesses.

Blogshop Models

Usually clothes models, photographers will snap photos of them being in certain brand’s apparels for the upcoming season. These are the models Singapore fashion e-commerce uses.

Photo Models

Many photographers engage models to be the subject of their shoots. These category of photographers may range from recreation to “building-up-my-portfolio” photographers.

While the remuneration might be nice for a few hours worth of shoot, the models are at a high risk of being victim to sexual assault due to location and intention of photographer.  Singapore models who are young and new to the industry will have a hard time identifying “photographers” with undesirable intention.

Alternative Models

A growing sector within the modelling industry, heavily tattooed/pierced models are now sought after for the non-conformity attitude to mainstream ideals of beauty. Very niche specific, but definitely growing in recent years. Prominent figures in the industry are Jeffree Star and Monami Frost.

Runway Female Models

The highest barrier of entry of all models, Runway Models require certain physical attributes such as shape, size, height and age. Think Victoria’s Secret Angels.

What are Event Models?

Do you have a future event to promote your company, charity, or other services? Hiring promotional models will substantially improve your big evening!

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Event models

 Interact with audience members to promote and increase awareness of your products and services.
 Attend conventions, trade shows, clubs, and outdoor public areas to promote products
 Indirectly produce social media buzz about your business

Potential customers will leave your event with a pleasant impression of your business from the personal exchanges with these charming ladies.

What can Event Models do for you?

Create a Positive Image for your Business

Event models highlight your business either directly to people or indirectly by representing a fitting image for the product. A professional event model can reflect positive image for your brand. Their main job is to leave a positive impression of your company on the crowd.

Promote your brand through social media

These friendly, gorgeous models will not only promote your business, but create more consumer interest! Your guests will undoubtedly want to take pictures with lovely hostesses in front of your product or business logo. This provides promotion when they inevitably post those photos to social media. Our models fulfill these demands with absolute professionalism and invaluable experience.

Why Choose Us?

Lion Dance Singapore is the most sensible choice if you want to make a successful impact with your next event. Over the last 10 years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable and punctual company. Professionalism is a key value and we aim to bring you only the highest levels of satisfaction. Don’t let your guest regret their night. Hire us to ensure a charming event that will breed more interest in what you have to offer!

Take your Business Marketing to the Next Level by Hiring Promotional Models

The business field is dynamic; from expanding client base, increasing sales to maximizing profits. These keep most CEO on their toes. Collaborating with the best marketers in their industry, they organize events and roadshows just to make sure that your brand stands out. Despite trying everything in the book, having a beautiful human face associated with products and services seems to boost sales and this is where the use of promotional event models comes in. They don’t just strike poses next to your products; they drive sales by becoming part of your marketing team.

Whether your business is starting out or at the zenith of production, promotional model will add more value to it. They don’t just smile and pose around looking pretty, this too sells your product, but they also give your brand an attractive image. If you haven’t thought about it, you might need to consider contacting a modelling agency next time you have a marketing drive.Here is why:

1. Put a Face To Your Brand

Nobody likes to relate with robots and lifeless products. Hiring promotional model adds the delicate detail of friendly and warm human feel to your product. This creates a lasting impression, trust and loyalty.

If people like your models, they will associate your product with something pleasant. This will take your brand to another level. Your business will also stand out against the competition when people have something extra to identify your brand with.

2. Expands your marketing scope

Sometimes you can be too busy handling business logistics to the point where you have no time to answer potential clients’ questions. If you invest in professional promotional models and train them to understand your brand and organization, they will step in for you. They are more approachable and attractive.

They will answer questions that your clients have and increase your leads. This will create more awareness, interaction with your brand and drive more traffic to your product. With them, you can market more without spending too much money. They can also hold a potential client in a conversation until a sales attendee takes over.

3. Increase Efficiency

Marketing events can be tiring and adding new staff to your team eases some of the work load. With more people in your team, you can handle many tasks at the same time without overstretching yourself and compromising on quality.

Whether you have to give talks, media interviews or give a training on how to use your product, you can feel easy knowing that the remaining tasks can be handled by your models. They are more energetic and add a personal feel to your drive. You can even leave some of your staff in the office and still get your work done. This will save you more money.

Branding is a deal breaker or maker of any business. To make it perfect, and make your marketing techniques more productive, you might need to hire the services of promotional models. Their impact will increase your ROI and take your business to the next level. Forget about the myths surrounding promotional models and take the bold step. Making sure you get the right fit for your business with professional qualifications is a worthy investment.