Is our LED Lion Dance a good fit for your event?

  • L.E.D lion mascot have a maximum performing lifespan of 1.5 years
  • On site engineering support
  • Monthly Servicing and checks on L.E.Ds and wiring

A technologically infused lion dance performance featuring patented LED technology and slick moves. Our L.E.D lion dance team impresses with carefully coordinated electroluminescent choreography. We apply new technology and carefully timed synchronous moves to reinvent the dance show and create a thrilling experience for your audience.A similar performance act will be our LED Dragon Dance Performance.

Does my event fit the performance? Or would a normal lion dance suffice?

For optimal effect, consider dimming/switch off the lights to illustrate the electroluminescence effect of the performance. For open space environment, we will not recommend engaging LED performances during daylight. Ideally, a hotel venues will be recommended for this performance due to the ease of dimming lights.


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What events usually engage LED Lion Dance?

Events ranging from memorandum of understanding signing ceremonies to annual dinners prefers LED lions over the normal lions to jazz up the atmosphere. Technology companies, especially, loves these lions adorn in LED lights.

Why are we the preferred LED Lion Dance Troupe?

Apart from providing on site engineering support,  our fleet of lion mascots will not be used for more than 2 years. You can expect almost new lions to be used for our LED performances as stringent maintenance is done on a monthly basis to ensure serviceability of the mascot.

Do note that acrobatic stunts will not be performed due to the weight of equipment. LED Drums performance is also available!