Festive/Chinese Drums Performance to add an oriental flair for your event!

Unlike LED Drums performance, the Chinese Drums Performance or more commonly known as Festive Drums Performance, is a synchronized and loud drums performance act.

These drums performance are usually booked in auspicious numbers such as 6 or 8. During Chinese New Year, these drums performance are high in demand.

Traditional Chinese Drums Performance

Traditional drumming is a key part of Chinese culture, used both to support dragon and lion dancing and as a performance act in and of itself. These performances are typically associated with celebrations and prosperity and involve large groups of performers working in unison to entertain or inspire their audiences.

What is a Traditional Chinese Drum Performance?

A traditional Chinese drum performance typically involves 10 or more performers following a choreographed routine. Each drum used has a specific name and purpose, derived from how it is played (i.e. if one hand or two must be used), or where in China it was made. Traditionally, drumsticks are made from bamboo that has been tapered at either end. Drums and sticks are ornately decorated with colors and imagery fitting the occasion. Performers also wear beautifully designed costumes in complimentary or matching shades. While this was once an area restricted to men, modern drumming is open to all genders, and there are now numerous all-women and mixed-gender groups. 

The History of Traditional Chinese Drumming

Drums are the oldest percussion instrument. The earliest use of drums in China occurred between 1600 to 1100 BCE, during the Shang Dynasty. Made using animal shells, skin, and clay, these were often dyed red, a color associated with strength, luck, and power.

Drums were originally used for both celebration and in war, with leaders using drums for motivation and to ensure a uniform marching pace was kept.  Large armies often used drums to ensure that orders were followed, since there was easy way to communicate the same message to multiple troops at once. Intimidation was also a reason for the use of drums, as approaching armies may have confused the sound for rolling thunder. In other cases, multiple teams of drummers were used to give the illusion of having a larger army, hoping that enemies would retreat. Weddings, religious ceremonies, and other cultural festivals also incorporated drumming

Traditional Chinese Drum Performances in Modern Times

Traditional Chinese drumming still has a place in today’s society. While it is not used in warfare, drumming plays a key role in events and celebrations. As traditional drumming became popularized and commonly performed, a variety of subtypes emerged. For example, now you can easily find traditional drumming performers who focus on aesthetics, drumming in unison without involving any other type of entertainment. Other Chinese drumming performances involve marital arts or dancing.

One of the most famous examples of traditional Chinese drum performances occurred at the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, where what seemed like thousands of drummers all celebrated the start of the games with a beautifully choreographed routine.

Booking a Festive Drums Performance

If you are hosting a celebration, festival, or cultural event, consider booking a traditional Chinese drumming performance. This is a great way to get your crowd energized, to celebrate an accomplishment or achievement, or to kick off your next event or festival. Because of the variation in performance types and aesthetics, it is a good idea to watch a few videos before booking to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Traditional Chinese drumming is alive and well, with performances still happening across the globe. Book your performance today to witness the magic.