Led Dance Performance Singapore

Add a Stunning Visual Aspect to the Performance with Choreographed LED Dancers with LED Walls!

Featuring various timeless classics to phenomenal hits since 1960s to the present, this LED Dance performance resonates deep with each and every age group. From King of Pop to the Gangnam Style, this performance utilizes the LED walls to enhance the experience by introducing the allure of dynamic video presentation. The combination brings traditional dance choreography and costumes to new heights by invoking memories of a time, a time where a particular “ear-worm”Ā Ā consumed the ears and minds of an entire generation.

Our company specializes in adding dramatic flair to an ancient culture of movement. The outstanding sensory experience of an LED Dance wall will bring a stunning visual element to your venue. Our vibrant and glowing dance performances will add imagery and spectacle that can be enjoyed by all ages, all with the addition of an LED Dance wall.

Mesmerizing LED Wings

The act of dancing has always been a beautiful melding of music with movement. This ancient tradition spans every culture on our planet. Now, LED Wings enhances this experience even more by adding the drama of a dynamic light show, perfectly synced to the dancerā€™s every step. This combination provides an exquisite and effective concert of movement, melody, and mysticism accompanied with the model‘s charisma.

LED Dance Performance
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