Diabolo Juggling in Singapore | Diabolo Singapore

What is Diabolo?

Commonly associated with Yo-yo, Diabolo(扯铃) originates from China and has since became an circus act. The Diabolo prop includes 2 sticks with an adjoining string, and a diabolo shaped in hourglass. The performance is requires performer to balance the diabolo on the string, while spinning using the force generated by pulling the string.


Diabolos in LED Lights

In recent years, LED Diabolo has gained popularity in Singapore. Audience no longer has to squint their eyes to watch the performance, as the electroluminescence effect brings out the Diabolo as compared to traditional Diabolo. Stunning visual effects due to the LED Diabolo is always the reason why Event Organizer’s prefer us. LionDanceSingapore.co is the first of the few to introduce LED Diabolo into the Singapore scene.

Despite being an LED Performance, the LED Diabolo cannot be performed in absolute darkness as performer constantly requires to monitor string position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the set up requirements and stage space requirements?

We will require a decent sound system to play music for the performance. Music CD will be provided on the day of event. Regarding space requirements, a minimum of 2m by 2m stage space is ideal.

Performance Length – How long is a Diabolo Performance?

To minimize frustration of a over-run of the same performance, we limit our Diabolo Performance to 5 minutes per performance. However, should your event require a longer performance, we are able to cater Diabolo and Juggling acts to lengthen the performance and keep the performance interesting.