Sylvia Tham Is the Emcee Singapore Adores

Who is Sylvia Tham?

Sylvia Tham is a highly respected, award-winning professional emcee based in Singapore. Her unique flair and pizzazz have propelled her to the top of the highly competitive emcee Singapore scene.

While reaching the peak of that crowded mountain is extremely impressive, the more remarkable feat is cementing herself in that position through hard work and determination.

Sylvia Tham understands that every event is unique and important to all those involved. She has a special gift for keeping the audience engaged and glued to her every word. She is truly worthy of the title Master of Ceremonies.

Sylvia’s Experience

Sylvia Tham’s first real taste of the entertainment industry began as a young DJ, which created a foundation on which to build bigger and better things for herself. She loves to bring people together and make them happy, so emceeing was the next logical step.

She has ten incredible years under her belt in her current profession, and many more ahead. With nearly a thousand successful events so far, she’s still passionate about improving and making the next one even better than the one before.

Prime Ministers, CEOs, celebrities, the rich and powerful, and countless people from more humble backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, Sylvia treats every client equally with the utmost respect. You’ll experience the same energy and charisma whether you’re planning a fifty-person banquet or a thousand-person award ceremony. Her skills got her to the top but her passion and sincerity, ladies and gentlemen, is why she’ll stay there.

Emcee Singapore Services

From small, personal ceremonies, to jam-packed stadiums, Sylvia Tham does it all. Though you’ve probably never met, she’ll instantly feel like she’s been a part of your group for years.

Celebrity events are a popular way for companies to promote their brands, and Sylvia is right at home among well-recognized faces. She has hosted events starring some of the most popular celebs in all of Asia, including the group behind some of K-Pop’s biggest smash-hits, Girl’s Day. Wow!

Dinner & Dance events are a fun way for the office to relax and let loose. Let’s be real; no one from works wants to spend their time off doing different work, such as trying to keep a room full of people entertained. Becky from accounting wants to join in on the fun this year, not organize it.

These occasions call for someone to help your guests forget about the stresses of the daily grind. Sylvia’s professionalism ensures a worry-free event filled with a calm atmosphere and gut-busting laughs.

Community events bring a diverse group of people from various backgrounds together for a common purpose or celebration. It takes real talent to bring a sense of cohesion to an otherwise disconnected group. Sylvia Tham’s charm works like magic to create bonding moments that last a lifetime.

Her fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin is a powerful tool in these events and helps elevate engagement and feeling of inclusion for all attendees.

Corporate events require a bit more elegance than your standard dinner and dance evenings, and Sylvia Tham brings it in spades. Many current and potential business partners of your company attend these events, and this emcee Singapore sensation will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Whether you’re honoring a long-time staff member or organizing an annual gala, Sylvia is always mindful of the expected tone of the moment and can go from jokester to stone-cold serious seamlessly and appropriately.

Conferences usually consist of several different speakers throughout the course of the event. Most of them are one-and-done, but there’s one speaker you’ll see over and over again, the Master of Ceremonies. The emcee will introduce the occasion and each speaker and be responsible for the general tone of the evening.

The emcee Singapore loves to rave about, Sylvia Tham, is beyond qualified to tackle these exact situations. It’s no secret that these things don’t always go as planned. A speaker might be late arriving; a speaker might drop out unexpectedly.

Whatever surprises await, it’s essential to have someone there who can think on their feet and fill unforeseen gaps with amusing distractions and exciting conversation. Only the best can accomplish this with the audience completely unaware there was a problem in the first place. The best is Sylvia Tham.

Weddings are the most significant event in the lives of many people. Starting as young children, the idea of this special day is nothing less than perfection. As funny as your brother-in-law thinks he is with his crude jokes and roast humor, your wedding might not be the best place for it.

Sylvia keeps things classy by creating positive vibes and promoting togetherness through wholesome and family-friendly moments.

Her most fascinating skill is her spontaneity; she never misses a beat. No script is required when Sylvia is holding the mic. It’s just one less thing to worry about while you’re planning the big day.