Wedding Photo Booth – Why is it Perfect for Weddings?

There are many photo booth rental services everywhere. Most of them are at the malls where you can take a photo with your friends and loved ones. But did you know that you can also rent a photo booth for your event?

Many people hire such services for their nuptials as it is the most spontaneous way to celebrate this special moment. However, there are other reasons why you should look for a photo booth rental service. Here are some of them:

Personalized Photos – You Don’t Need to Make Souvenirs for Your Event.

Souvenirs serve as “thank you” gifts for your guests for joining you in celebrating your special moment.

However, creating souvenirs takes a lot of time; either you create DIY small projects or make some sweet treats. There’s nothing wrong if you do such things if you want to make it more personal.

But if you have hundreds of guests, you need to allot a day or more to make your own souvenirs. Surely, you won’t have time for it, especially if you only have a week before your event.

Thus, you may look for a wedding photo booth rental service. Renting a photo booth is one of the popular ways to make souvenirs lately, and you don’t need to spend hours to make keepsakes for your guests. You only need to find a rental service where they can take photos with just a touch of a button. People will enjoy it more than giving them figurines or desserts.

Taking Photos are Entertaining

The best thing about wedding photo booth services is the opportunity to personalize the souvenirs that your guests will receive on the spot. Alongside, your guests will find it exciting to do different poses for their own souvenir. . They can be wacky and wear big wigs and glasses, or give their best smiles while taking photos. With a photo booth, you can make a formal gathering into an entertaining one.

The Definition of the Photos Is of High-Quality.

You may ask, “are the pictures coming from a wedding photo booth good?” Though they are using booths in taking photos, it doesn’t mean that the definition is of low-quality. Picture booth rental services use professional digital cameras and printers to make the captured moments seemingly alive. Furthermore, you can post the photos to social media so you can easily share them to your own account.

Photo Booths – What you need to know

However, you can only get these benefits if you hire a reliable wedding photo booth company. There are many wedding photo booths for hire in Singapore. With these options, it’s quite challenging to choose the best service. Listed below are some tips to follow when finding the right picture booth company for your event:

Know if There Are Idle Time Charges for Photo Booths

Idle time fees can either make or break your pockets. Gladly, many picture booth firms in Singapore offer idle time services. This proposal allows you to split the rental time into several time slots.

For instance, the booth gives you 4 hours to use their services. However, the reception will start at 6 PM and will end at midnight. To ensure that everyone can take a photo in the booth, you can split the time into two parts. For the first half of the party, guests can go to the booth and take pictures. Two hours before the party ends, the booth will reopen again for your guests.

Before you hire a cheap photo booth Singapore, ask the rental company if you could request for this service. Furthermore, see if they could set up the cubicle before the guests arrive. If so, ask them if they have an idle time fee, and how much it costs.

Know if They Offer Personalized Template Designs in Photos.

Template layouts are ready-made backgrounds that you can use for your booth. But you can also customize the booth and print-out designs so you can put your personal touch to it. Before hiring a wedding photo booth rental company, ask them if they have a graphic designer. If so, tell them what you want to see in the background of the photos. You can also ask them to include your motif or they can be creative if you don’t have suggestions for the layout.

However, if the firm doesn’t have a professional graphic designer, you may ask for some samples of their work. You may visit their social media pages and see the pictures they have captured before. If you like what you see, then you may get their service for your special day.

Hire a Firm That Provides a Guarantee Uptime for their Photo Printing.

Regardless of their reputation, there are days when their equipment breaks for no reason. Thus, they bring some backup gadgets if ever this situation happens. Moreover, they must offer an uptime policy guarantee, which assures the client that their electronics are up and running.

But if it stops working at thae reception, the cheap photo booth Singapore must give either a refund or an extension of service that is free of charge to the client. Yes, they may have some backup gadgets. However, it would take a few minutes to set up the equipment. Consequently, your guests would have to wait before they can go in the booth.

Know if They Offer Extra Copies of the Photos.

If you’re the hosts of the wedding, surely, you want to have copies of all the photos taken by the booth. Hence, you need to ask the firm if they could give you copies of every picture they’ve shot. They may provide a CD where you can see all the photos or a URL link where they posted them.

It’s your choice whether you download and print the pictures or upload them to your social media accounts. That way, everyone who went to your wedding will see their pictures and may download a soft copy of it.

These are the reasons and tips for finding a reliable but cheap photo booth Singapore. But why waste time in finding such offers if you can get them all in one company? Our service ensures that we capture every moment that is precious to you. Visit our website and learn more about the services we offer, or book a reservation today.


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