How A Modeling Agency Can Help You Live Your Dream

Being a model is a dream for many. Getting paid to look good, and to wear the latest fashion trends, sounds like an amazing (and easy) life. And who doesn’t want to be famous? But getting from point A to point B isn’t always easy: it’s a long and difficult path from being an aspiring model to a successful one, and there are many potential pitfalls along the way. Singapore is one of the hottest markets for modeling right now, and there are thousands of young people competing to be the next big thing. But what steps can you take to stand out from the crowd, catch the right person’s eye, and make your dream a reality?

Where to Begin?

Entering Singapore’s bustling modeling scene, it can be bewildering to navigate the complicated world of photographers, clients, and art departments, and that’s after you’ve started booking gigs. Even getting to that point takes some work. That’s where a modeling agency comes in. The agency can take your talent and your looks and get you an audience, so that you can focus on looking your best, strutting your stuff, and cashing checks. When you’re just starting out, finding the right agency can be the key to crafting your image, making the right contacts, and getting your foot in the door of a competitive and ever-evolving industry.

Why Agencies Exist

Modeling agencies represent models in the fashion industry and work to earn them high-paying gigs. Why? The agency earns commission for their client’s work. Yes, this means they’ll be taking some of your income, but it also means they’re motivated to find you the most lucrative work; after all, they don’t get paid unless you do. They also typically receive a service charge from the ad agency, photographer, or other party that needs a model. Models may not be prepared to understand the complex financial issues of licensing images and forming creative partnerships, and once they become successful, they likely won’t have time to conduct all this business. That’s why agencies exist: to do all the things models can’t do themselves, and to work in partnership with them to maximize their earnings and further their careers.

It Starts with Scouts

Agencies employ scouts who seek out new potential clients. They’re people who are trained to spot that special thing that makes models successful, and they have to consistently make the right selections to keep their jobs, especially in a highly competitive market like Singapore. These scouts are important in the process of finding an agency, but they aren’t the only people you need to know.

All About Contacts

The agency will also employ people with contacts in the fashion world to seek out new opportunities for models. They might reach out to a designer and ask if they have a new line coming out, then pitch them on a campaign featuring a model who matches the line’s image and concept. Or they might get in contact with the art director for a magazine and send them some images of the agency’s clients to spark a collaboration on a new feature or article. Agencies also employ or partner with the best photographers and match them with models that suit their style. Often modeling agencies will have long-standing relationships with ad agencies or companies, meaning their clients will have the best shot at landing choice gigs.

Your Agent

Depending on the agency, you may have an agent assigned specifically to you. This person will act on your behalf to reach out to companies in need of your talents and book you work with them, and they’ll also work to shape your career, guiding you into markets and niches that you’re best suited to. A good agent can help you find the best jobs, and steer you away from jobs that might negatively affect your image or future work prospects.

A Modeling Career Can Be Yours

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s understandable. But Singapore has many modeling agencies that can help you achieve your dreams. Research agencies to find one that suits your needs, and start getting in contact. If you have what it takes, you could find yourself in partnership with a powerful force, working on your behalf to help you find the stardom you’re destined for.